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Forex platform - MetaTrader 4 | MetaTrader 5

Forex platform - MetaTrader 4 | MetaTrader 5
Forex platform There are two basic conditions for investing in foreign exchange, that is, choosing a formal foreign exchange platform and the technical conditions for investors to do foreign exchange, and choosing a foreign exchange platform is the first step. So which foreign exchange platform is the safest and how much is the lowest foreign exchange platform to play? This article will give you a specific introduction.
Which foreign exchange platform is the safest
1. Niuhui foreign exchange platform
Niuhui is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and its Asian branch is located in Malaysia. As a very powerful foreign exchange company, Forex platform the minimum account opening capital of this platform is only US $5 and 1000 times the trading leverage. With ECN mode, the trading speed is very fast. At the same time, compared with other platforms, niuhui is also much more professional. It has two helpers of giving money and raising leverage for domestic petty cash speculators, It greatly reduces the threshold of foreign exchange investment and enlarges the investment income. It is deeply loved by small capital users.
2. Fuhui foreign exchange platform
FXCM Fuhui is a major global supplier of foreign exchange transactions and related services for retail and institutional customers. After inquiry, Fuhui platform is strictly supervised by FSA, ASIC, NFA and other institutions. FXCM Fuhui group is a trader free platform. Investors can trade with quotations provided by several of the world's largest banks Forex platform, which provide as low as 2-point spread through bidding and other means.
3. Jiasheng foreign exchange platform
Jiasheng group is a leader in the global online trading industry, providing execution, clearing and maintenance services and technical products to retail customers and institutional investors from more than 180 countries around the world. Jiasheng has set up offices in many countries and representative offices in Beijing. Jiasheng's maximum lever can be enlarged by 400 times, and the point difference is slightly higher.
4. Shengbao bank
Saxo Shengbao finance is one of the group members of saxobank. Headquartered in Denmark, Shengbao bank has focused on online investment for many years and provided a wide range of trading products all over the world.Forex platform Foreign exchange trading is the core of Shengbao financial business, providing more than 160 pairs of trading currencies (including gold and silver) and more than 40 groups of foreign exchange option trading with high flow.
How much is the minimum foreign exchange you can play
1. The size of the leverage provided: the size of the leverage determines the size of the margin required by the transaction. The greater the leverage, the smaller the margin required for one hand trading.
For example, 200 times leverage trading requires a deposit of $500 for one hand foreign exchange, so trading 0.01 hand is to occupy a deposit of $5. In this way, the minimum investment of $30 or $50 can also be traded from 0.01 hand Forex platform.
If the leverage is 20 times, the first hand foreign exchange transaction requires a deposit of US $5000, and the deposit occupied by 0.01 hand becomes us $50. In this way, even if the transaction is done from 0.01 hand, the minimum investment is US $300 or 500.
2. Minimum number of open positions: for example, the minimum number of open positions on some platforms is 0.01, and the minimum number of open positions on some platforms is 0.1. Starting from the minimum number of trading hands, the capital required for 0.1 hand is 10 times that of 0.01 hand.
3. Entry threshold: this entry threshold directly determines the minimum amount of investment. For example, if the platform stipulates a minimum investment of US $3000, the minimum amount of foreign exchange investment to be made on the platform is US $3000. The entry threshold of each platform is also different, from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
On the issue of foreign exchange investment,Forex platform this paper focuses on which foreign exchange platform is the safest and how much foreign exchange can be played. We can see that there are many formal foreign exchange platforms in the world. You can analyze and choose them in detail. As for the minimum investment, you can go to the platform to check, or refer to the above-mentioned methods.
Now many foreign exchange platforms have a lot of software available for foreign exchange investment, and MetaTrader 4 should be familiar to everyone. What other foreign exchange trading software is there besides MT4, and what is the simplest foreign exchange trading method? These two issues should be more concerned by novice investors. This article will tell you about these two issues.
What other foreign exchange trading software besides MT4
TS2 foreign exchange trading software
TS2 and MT4 foreign exchange trading software are the same manufacturer, but TS2 is more inclined to be used by professional foreign exchange traders, which provides more professional technology for foreign exchange investors and can close positions with one click. Moreover, TS2 has more mature technical indicators MetaTrader 4, which makes the use of professionals more advantageous. Because TS2 has certain professionalism, there are not many investors using TS2 in the foreign exchange market.
GTS foreign exchange trading software
The advantage of GTS foreign exchange trading software is that investors can change the interface and appearance of GTS Professional Edition according to their habits. The operation of GTS is also relatively simple. With a variety of stop loss, stop profit and flexible stop loss tracking functions, the account transaction report can be exported to excel with simple operation. MetaTrader 4 When the target exchange rate is consistent with the market exchange rate, the system will automatically remind you. Investors will also be reminded by email or system message that the default order has been executed or suspended.
However, according to some investors, the trading speed of GTS trading software is relatively poor compared with MT4 and TS2, so few people use it in the foreign exchange market. The functions of foreign exchange trading software are basically the same. It mainly depends on which trading software investors use. According to the current trend, MT4 still meets the needs of the public MetaTrader 4. Therefore, MT4 will continue to accompany foreign exchange investors for a long time in the future.
The simplest method of foreign exchange trading
Foreign exchange transactions should follow the trend. Following the trend is the most direct embodiment of the law of market movement, which is the trend. The only way to treat the trend correctly is to follow the trend and operate.MetaTrader 4 This is the first magic weapon for making money and even long-term survival in the speculative market. The recommended analysis tool for novices is the moving average. As a concise trend indicator, the moving average has a good effect in following the trend, which has won the favor of practical experts. For specific applications, please refer to the eight rules of Granville's moving average and the Triple Filter investment theory.
Foreign exchange transactions should focus on the large and let go of the small. Assuming that our risk return ratio is 100 points: 300 points, and the success rate is 70%, MetaTrader 4 which means that when we make 10 transactions, each profit is 300 points and loss is 100 points, then the overall profit will be 300x7-100x3 = 1800 points.
Foreign exchange transactions should be limited to losses. Limit losses and keep the principal. On this premise, hold positions with profit potential for as long as possible to increase profits. This is a magic weapon for speculation to make money. Investors who will not stop loss will certainly lose money, and investors who will only stop loss will also lose money MetaTrader 4. Only investors who can stop loss and make money can taste the taste of making money in the long run.
On the issue of foreign exchange investment trading, this paper focuses on what foreign exchange trading software is available besides MT4, and the simplest foreign exchange trading method. In fact, in addition to the two foreign exchange trading software TS2 and GTS, there are other relatively small software. Investors should choose according to their own actual situation. They can't use what others use. Of course, the most fundamental thing is to improve their investment level and let the software play an auxiliary role.
Investors should have seen MT4 and MetaTrader 5 when looking for foreign exchange trading software and formal foreign exchange platforms, but many novice investors may have questions about them. So what is the relationship between them? This article will introduce the difference between MT4 and MT5 foreign exchange trading software.
Five years after the release of MT4, MT5 was generally accepted by the market at that time, and investors mistakenly believed that MT5 was an upgraded version of MT4 due to the numbering order in the channel title. However, although MT5 is a trading channel and background testing machine, in fact, MetaTrader 5 is planned to do something that MT4 can't do, that is, it aims at a different market quotation.
In essence, MT5's intention is to be able to buy and sell shopping malls other than foreign exchange, because it can better enter these trading houses. The global foreign exchange market is a completely lax shopping mall, and many primary participants provide liquidity to this huge shopping mall at different prices. The trading of stocks and bulk products is mainly futures contracts (in fact, some contracts with different maturity dates). Generally, the trading process is very centralized, so that the change of ownership of these products has legal effect. When MetaTrader 5 was developed and released, it can be assumed that MT5 has foreseen the upsurge of bulk product trading and developed trading software suitable for the mall.
MT5 uses a programming language called mql5 instead of MQL4 used by MT4. The most attractive thing about mql5 is that it allows "black box" programming. In short, it means that it is easier to program, so it logically provides a better framework for the application and development of active trading. However, metaquotes applied this feature to MQL4 in 2014, so it is no longer the difference between the two, although it is possible to develop a new language (Mt6?) at some time in the future, However, metaquotes will not make any promotion to MQL4 and mql5.
It is worth noting that MT5 has no backward compatibility. In other words, the program written for MT4 cannot run on MT5. For those traders who expect "promotion", this may be a serious defect, so MT5 is by no means an promotion of MT4.
In addition, MT5 has two programming related features, which MT4 does not have. The first is its backtracking test function, where investors can perform the test programmed trading strategy at a faster speed. If investors are the kind of traders who need to run many test programs, it can save a lot of time. Secondly, it also promised a retrospective test of more money and silver pairs. This is about running backtracking tests, which saves a lot of time.
The market depth of MT4 and MT5 foreign exchange trading software is different. The market depth of MT5 platform is an important tool for traders. They can understand the market liquidity of each price through this function. This brings additional transparency and market intuition, which is very beneficial to the transaction. MT4 does not have this function.
The operating systems of MT4 and MetaTrader 5 foreign exchange trading software are different. When MT4 was released, most computers on the market were 32-bit operating systems, which determined that MT4 platform was more compatible with this kind of operating system. MT5 is developed in the environment of 64 bit operating system. At present, the mainstream computer platforms on the market are 64 bit systems.
On the issue of foreign exchange trading software, this paper focuses on the difference between MT4 and MT5 foreign exchange trading software. At present, there are many investors using MT4 and MetaTrader 5 software. Investors can choose MT4 or MT5 according to their actual situation.